Learn English. Get your GED. Refresh your job skills. Many Columbus Literacy Council students have reached their goals and have found a better life.  You can too!

At Columbus Literacy Council, we enjoy meeting new students and their families and helping them improve their functional literacy skills. Our students ages cross the generations. Many students are born right here in Central Ohio while others are from countries around the globe. They are single or married; they might be parents or grandparents. Some have jobs and some are looking for jobs. Others are stay-at-home mothers or fathers, or they might be retired. Some of our students went to school for many years, while others did not have this opportunity. Our students come from all walks of life and have different reasons for becoming students.

Q: What is Columbus Literacy Council?

A: Columbus Literacy Council is a place where adults can improve their basic skills.

Q: Why would I go Columbus Literacy Council?

A: We can help you if:

  • You want to learn to speak English.
  • You want to learn to read.
  • You want to read or write better.
  • You want to get a GED.

Q: Who will teach me?

A: Trained volunteer tutors and qualified teachers.

Q: Where and when are classes held?

A: Classes are held in our offices and at other local community sites such as public libraries and churches. Classes are available daytime, evening and weekend for your convenience. More details on class sites and times is shared during the student orientation.

Q: Do I have to take tests?

A: Every student is tested to measure skill levels, but these tests are NOT pass or fail and you do NOT have to study for them.

Q: How do I become a student?

A: Complete the Student Registration form. You will select an orientation date, attend the orientation and registration session. After this, we will meet with you in a one-on-one environment to share our recommendations for your next steps.


At Columbus Literacy Council, you will find a supportive place to learn and a flexible schedule.  We are here to help you reach your goals!  Check out what some of our students are saying:

“I’ve lived here for 30 years, but have always been dependent upon others because I have not learned English. I heard about the Literacy Council, but was embarrassed to go. Finally, I enrolled with a friend and started learning English. WOW has my life changed. Now, I can talk with my grandchildren in English. I can shop anywhere!  Columbus Council is a place that has helped me open new doors of opportunity!”
– Rocio, Columbus Literacy Council Student

“I am a 33 year-old man.  I have a high school diploma. I have a family. AND, I have a secret…I cannot read!  Well, I could not read until I started getting help with Columbus Literacy Council.  I attend one-to-one sessions each week and improve my reading skills. I used to think this would never be possible for me. You know since the years of school did not help me become a reader, I really did not have much hope for learning. But, the tutors and staff really seemed positive about being able to help me, and today.. I can read! It’s amazing. I read small books and I read slowly; but, I’m getting better every day! Don’t think it’s too late for you because it’s not! Learn to read…it changes your life!”
– Edgar, Columbus Literacy Council Student