We are a volunteer-driven organization and always in need of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to become volunteers. The Council prepares them for service by having them enroll and complete the Council Training Program: LEAD. The LEAD course equips volunteers to work with low-literacy individuals.

What does a volunteer do?

  • Help students who want to improve their reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Assist students who are studying to prepare for the GED.
  • Work with English for Speakers of Other Languages students who want to improve their ability to speak, read, and write in English.

Volunteers help students:

  • Develop greater self-esteem
  • Exercise rights and responsibilities for self and family
  • Access job information and pursue career advancement
  • Become a participating member of the community
  • Become a lifelong learner

What can I expect from tutoring?

Helping people improve their reading, writing, math or English skills can be very rewarding. Volunteers and students come from diverse backgrounds, and the exchange that occurs between them is usually a mutually enriching one. It is often this special relationship with the volunteer that gives the adult students the opportunity to improve basic skills, develop self-esteem and become a lifelong learner.

If you are interested, please complete our Volunteer Registration Form: