The Literacy Project is a group of young professionals with a mission to increase literacy awareness and raise much needed funds for adult education. Members will gain valuable experience in event planning, fund-raising, marketing and networking opportunities. For those interested in the nonprofit sector, we offer mentorships with our executive board. We also offer free training for those interested in becoming new tutors at the Council.

☻ Creative fund-raising opportunities that make a community-wide impact
☻ Increased awareness of literacy issues and furthering the mission of The Council
☻ Gain experience in event planning, fund raising, marketing and nonprofit board experience
☻ Discount event admissions (including the annual Alphabet Attractions gala and Scrabble Tournament)
☻ FREE LEAD training for new tutors
☻ Mentorship available with the Board of Trustees
☻ Networking opportunities with other driven, philanthropic young leaders
☻ Swag (pins, bracelets, t-shirts)